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Get your Power Black!


Walk into the venue and look like you just bought it. This GAVIN Q-Zip is made of a premium performance material utilized in the most luxurious brands around the world. With a minimalist design that utilizes concealed fabric-colored logos, this q-zip is engineered to meet the needs of every environment you choose to enter. An upgraded zipper-pull accentuates the sleek appeal of what it means to GO BE GREAT!

GAVIN - Gallery - Power Black

Price Options
One-time purchase
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$12.40every week for 4 weeks
  • Traditional q-zip pullover with a mid-neck collar. Tailored fit for an athletic look that relaxes through the mid-section. Medium weight, this pullover is transitional between seasons and venues. Cuffs are double-stitched to hold form for those wishing to wear the sleeves at forearm length. Stretchable material that's non-restrictive and moisture-dispersion to support quick drying in wetter environments. All black 3D logos are concealed to give a streamlined look without excessive branding. 

  • 85% Polyester / 15% Elastane

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