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Joshua Butler owner of J. Butler Golf


Welcome to J. BUTLER GOLF

The sport of golf is frustrating enough. Anyone who has ever swung a club knows it will take a significant amount of time, money, and effort to become great. Your ability to pay for the proper apparel and equipment should not become the reason you don’t. J. BUTLER GOLF exist to ensure athletes from various backgrounds – and skill levels – are placed into an advantageous position to have high-quality, affordable, trend-forward options to GO BE GREAT.   


Our basic philosophy is to focus on quality and value over price and what the market can bear. We fundamentally believe that you deserve to have affordable options that show you belong in the most exclusive Country Clubs. For too long, golf has been reserved for the affluent or those with the means to spend thousands of dollars annually to make the necessary micro-adjustments to go from being good to great. By reducing the out-of-pocket costs for aspiring athletes from all walks of life, we can create a more accessible sport that places the focus on the experience rather than the expense of the game.


Golf is an ageless and timeless activity. We aim to serve the youngest to the most seasoned participants. As a complete apparel line, J. BUTLER GOLF covers a full range of golf apparel options including headwear, polo shirts, trousers, shorts, compression gear, and practice attire. Each of our products are extensively tested for superior quality in competition-ready conditions to ensure consumers are being delivered exceptional quality with every purchase.


It is our mission to change the cost-narrative associated with playing the most strategic networking game on the planet: GOLF. Talent should prove one’s worthiness, yet the ability to master any course has been limited by the exorbitant cost-barriers preventing participation at the highest levels. Access and affordability are vital. The more we do to eliminate barriers, the greater our collective impact will be in the pursuit of a fair and equitable field of play. J. BUTLER GOLF did not come to disrupt the market – rather – it has arrived to create a new style of service for those who want to GO BE GREAT. 

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