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What a year it has been for JBG!

I first want to express my sincerest appreciation for your business and the support of my company.

The past year has seen remarkable opportunities in my company’s ability to bring luxurious quality and affordability to the golf apparel market, while also working with some extraordinary partners to expand access for athletes near and far. From the charitable experiences with ElevaTE U, Merging Vets & Players (MVP), and LatinaStrong Foundations to the partnerships with GolfMoose and Coyote Ridge Golf Club in Carrollton, Texas, J. BUTLER GOLF continues an upward trajectory in the pursuit of our goal to become a significant player in the golf apparel industry.

As a new company, you might imagine the significant challenges when attempting to enter a market where black-owned businesses and the aspirations to pursue fair pricing practices over profits are considerably uncommon. However, it has been my continual focus to develop an executable concept which allows value to come back to the consumer in the way that we quality test every piece of apparel, structure our pricing below market averages, and generate enough profits to reinvest our blessings back into the community so others may aspire for the best version of themselves.

When you make a purchase, you may not have known that you create better access and a lasting impact on the life of an aspiring recreational, amateur, or professional golfer?

JBG has been the sponsor to two amateur, two recreational, and one professional golfer from the proceeds of sales we’ve generated in our first year of operation. Sticking to our core mission and values, I am proud of the work we have done to support the pathway of success for our athletes.

When I started this company, it was with the commitment that a portion of the proceeds (no less than 5%) would always be utilized to support the individual growth of athletes who need the resources of time, money, and apparel to become the best and most capable versions of themselves. In short, the ability to GO BE GREAT!

We gained the support of a complimentary partnership with Golfweek Amateur Tour of Southern California. In 2022, we partnered with the organization to provide apparel, and support athletes with registration fees who couldn’t afford the basic necessities to go and compete in the most strategic networking game on the planet. On May 27-28, JBG will be a lead sponsor of the 2023 Memorial Championship at PGA West where 72 athletes will compete for an opportunity to become ‘Flight’ champions at one of the toughest courses in the world. The winner of each flight will be honored with a full JBG apparel sponsorship package for the remainder of the 2023 season; continuing our commitment to support aspiring athletes.  

In addition to the altruistic movement of my company, we are in discussions with multiple golf clubs and big box retailers to transition J. BUTLER GOLF from a primary eCommerce company to a nationally accessible brand. While I am not at-liberty to divulge the details of those discussions in this newsletter, I will provide regular updates via social media, future newsletters, and any other resources where you will be informed of where to find the latest in styles, designs, and options from J. BUTLER GOLF.

Lastly, as we bring the first year of operation to a close, I am excited to announce that we are actively in the development of joggers, trousers, shorts, hoodies, and quarter zips that will be introduced as purchasable pieces for our JBG men’s collections throughout the rest of the year. More to come on the developing timeline for each collection. 

Also, to my amazing JBG women that have been customers, supporters, and buyers for your significant others, children, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances, I have listened intently to your inquiries of ‘when’ JBG will come out with a women’s line? As a man in the golf apparel industry, I fundamentally believe women should be able to define what they need, how apparel should fit, and how we can best serve the diverse populations of sizes, styles, and desired looks in an industry that continues to get it wrong when it comes to your available options. For this reason, I have begun a process of working with women from a variety of backgrounds, locations, skill levels, and perspectives to assist with the design and review of the developing women’s line from JBG. I anticipate we are about a year away from realistically bringing the same – or better – quality given to men, for you to choose and select from in your pursuits to GO BE GREAT on and off the course of play.

What’s next for me?

Not only am I seeking to build one of the most recognizable golf apparel brands in the world, I am also growing as a competitive amateur golfer.  Thus, my world is all things golf… well…. Almost all things golf. My wife and I welcomed our first child (Liliana) in November 2022. I suspect she will also be an avid golfer one of these days, but for now, we are just grateful for the many blessings we’re experiencing.

Although JBG has enjoyed a full year of operation, I very much consider this past year my ‘Year 0.’ It was a foundational year to understand the needs, become responsive to consumer demands, and build the necessary infrastructure and company model that can sustain for years to come. It is not my goal to become another me-too company, but a unique experience of luxurious quality, that brings value back to the consumer and seeks to revolutionize the perspective that we ‘can’ have affordable options that belong in the most exclusive country clubs around the world.

My sincerest appreciation for your support, and welcome to Team JBG!



Joshua B.

Founder and Chief Visionary Officer

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